7 c’s of Thinking Clearly Offer

That put all the convenience, flexibility and power of the computer to work for you in planning, preparing and presenting lessons for teaching your children the emotional, social and thinking skills necessary for not only surviving, but also thriving in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world!

174 Pages With Over 120 Unique Lessons in Each Teacher's Manual With Interactive Links Between the Lesson Finder, Teacher's Manual and Student Manual for Each eBook

Each eCombo Contains Teacher's Manual, Student Manual and Lesson Finder in PDF Format With Interactive Links From One to the Other Click on each book to see a video of contents

Depending on Which Edition You Choose, You Will Receive Full Color 8 1/2" X 11" Pictures of Each Member of "The Clear Thinking Team" and Either "The Stink'n Think'n Gang" or "EPT" or Both. Also Included are 12" X 18" Full Color Posters of Each Group that:

MULTIDIMENSIONAL Lessons are multidimensional meaning they can be used for teaching character education and social skills lessons from several different directions

For example, the story of how Frederick Douglass learns to read and write may be used for a social studies lesson on slavery, a literacy lesson on the importance of knowing how to read and write, a lesson on creative problem solving, a lesson on critical thinking, or lessons on responsibility and respect, not to mention several other thinking skills and character traits he demonstrated.

By approaching the same learning activity from different points of view on different occasions students are allowed to build on past learning experiences to achieve new levels of understanding and performance.

DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES The mix of stories and activities requires students to utilize different learning styles in ways that are mutually reinforcing. When stories are combined with activities to teach a concept, the concept becomes easier to understand and act upon.

MENTAL IMAGERY The memorable characters that symbolize The Seven C Skills, The Stink'n Think'n Gang, and EPT are valuable learning hooks that aid both comprehension and retention. In fun, objective, and non-threatening ways, these characters help students develop the ability to distinguish between good ideas and bad ideas.

REPETITION These ready to go lessons are easy to prepare and can be expanded or contracted to fit in the time you have available to teach them. This flexibility and ease of preparation makes frequent repetition of concepts essential to intellectual and moral development both feasible and natural.

SHARED LEARNING The character development component of each lesson is designed to help students develop those virtues and social skills essential to happy and productive lives. Cooperative learning and collaborative reasoning strategies are employed to not only help students know what these qualities are and recognize what they look like, but also to help them understand why they are important.

FUN AND RELEVANT The activities and stories are fun because they involve doing things kids like to do, but they are not cotton candy. These are serious lessons relevant to experiences your students...

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