Black history Facts, Learn Black History in 3 Hours with leading Black Historian Robin Walker’s new ‘easy learn’ lesson DVD’S

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My name is Robin Walker the author of the two classic, best selling books ‘When We Ruled’ and ‘Before The Slave Trade’.

As the co-creator of this black history education DVD and eBOOK set and also the scholar behind many black history lessons, I am pleased to present to you the ‘easy learning Q & A method’. This package will enable you to quickly learn the answers to the most uncommon and commonly asked black history questions.

Questions about the many Black multi-millionaires who lived in 1921 and their (we all should be familiar with), the worlds first libraries and why this historical fact is so relevant to black people today, the real origins of the different cultures (who really came first, second, third), the truth behind civilization, books and theories that keep the black contribution hidden, oldest artifacts found and their great significance, little known explosive black contributions, black history makers you should know and 40 plus more questions covered.

Buying this pack is like personally hiring me to answer all of your questions and the questions your family and friends might ask about Black History (which is your very own story).

Why is this knowledge absolutely priceless? and why will this knowledge affect your life positively in so many ways?.

The answers in this pack consists of the most up-to-date researched and scholarly data. My conclusions are based on many years of intense academic study and thorough cross-referencing.

I am so confident that you will benefit from this package that I have insisted on including a 30 day guarantee, that protects you from buying something that is of no use to you. I will personally send your money back if you don’t think the pack benefits you. This is a No quibble guarantee, just a simple promise that if you don’t benefit … we refund you.

If you really want to skip 40 years of field work, classroom study, university lectures, reading through hard research, black history lessons, online black history studies, get the pack today!. And start answering questions like a real pro.

“My whole life has changed for the better, I see things differently including myself and others that look like me. Its like being born anew, with a fresh love and respect for myself and my people …”

“I see the...

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