Critical Thinking Keys

There are many definitions to critical thinking. That’s to be expected. Critical thinking encompasses much of what we do when using our brains.

Words like: reasoning, interpreting, observation and more are used to describe critical thinking. Phrases are also used. Some examples are: rational thinking, focused thinking, cognitive process, reflective thought and informed opinions. Other phrases such as: analyzing and evaluating information to derive a judgment are also used.

Understanding leads to opinions and decision making. The better the understanding, the better he/she is able to make good decisions.

3. To create, invent and discover — The ability to create, invent and discover are human traits that exist in all of us. We create beautiful art, writing, music and more. We invent things like the light bulb, the computer and rockets. We discover things like E= MC2, penicillin and DNA.

The workbook reinforces the concepts learned in the book and provides real life examples for your child to work.

A “secondary” objective of this eBook critical thinking keys training course is to teach critical thinking concepts useful for understanding any worthwhile subject.

As an added bonus your child will learn how to use critical thinking skills to create an exciting future for himself/herself.

Critical thinking requires the use of self-discipline and self-examination. The rewards are great freedom and the ability to complete projects, achieve objectives and answer questions with confidence.

When your child takes charge of his/her mind using critical thinking and making sound decisions, he/she will take charge of his/her life!

It is our knowledge; guidance and encouragement that will help students pursue their unique journeys in life.Critical thinking keys help children/young adults learn these powerful skills.

Think about the problems the world faces today. Many of these problems will not go away in the next several years. Soon, these problems will be your child’s problems. Armed with solid critical thinking skills your child will have important abilities to face the challenges he/she will face in the future.

These skills come with the price of due diligence and hard work. Application of these principals takes time, patience and an aptitude for effective application.

We can only lead others to the concepts. It is up to them to embrace and use these concepts. We cannot guarantee they will be applied effectively!

The Book The book is made to be as fun and easy to learn as possible. There are historical examples to show how the principles taught have been used to be enormously successful. Fascinating quotes are spiced throughout the book to reinforce ideas, cartoons provided to take the edge off of learning and few words are wasted.

This book is boiled down to the essential elements that clearly define critical thinking. The concepts within this may seem deceptively simple to some at first blush.

However, make no mistake abut it; these skills are extremely powerful when used effectively. They are used in the highest forms of thinking at...

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