CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts

Take Advantage of This Limited Time Offer to Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know to Pass the CCRN, Ace the GRE, Nail the Interview, and Get Into CRNA School THIS Year.

With and average of 7 qualified applicants for every 1 position in CRNA School, how do you measure up?

If your scores don’t measure up to these norms, chances are good that your application will be glanced over when it lands on the admission committee’s desk…Unless you do something to stand out!

What if you spend the next 2 – 3 years of your life doing everything you can dream up trying to compensate for your low GPA or low GRE score, only to find out that your efforts weren’t enough?

“I've been an ICU nurse for 2 years. I knew I always wanted to go to CRNA school, but the thought of not being accepted within the first year terrified me! One of the upper level senior CRNA students recommended CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts, and I can assure you it changed my life! It gave me the guidance & all the tools that I needed to score well above an 1100 on the GRE, pass the CCRN, and excel through the interview process.” (Jennifer R. SRNA)

“I believe that this is the single greatest resource out there for helping applicants get into CRNA school. If I hadn’t purchased this book I don’t know if I would have gotten accepted as fast as I did. CRNA school has been a dream of mine, and now it is here.” (Charles T. SRNA)

I am not trying to scare you or make you rethink your career path; I just want you to have a realistic idea of how hard it is to apply to CRNA School (it’s even harder to get accepted!)

Experienced nurses and even Nurse Practitioners get turned down every year. Don't just assume that your years experience or amazing GRE scores are going to secure you a spot when it comes time to apply, because that is just not the case.

There are a TON of things schools look at, so make sure you're ready. Luckily, you don’t have to discover all the pitfalls of the application process on your own. You can learn from MY mistakes instead of making your own!

It includes all the necessary materials you need to put you at the fore front of the thousands of people applying to CRNA schools all across the nation.

My name is John Keith SRNA BSN/CCRN/CMC and I am the founder of ANS Career Pro and creator of CRNA School Admissions: The Cold Hard Facts.

I have to admit that the application process was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It was expensive, stressful, time consuming, and required a large amount of trial and error.

When you apply to a school and are not accepted, they usually send you a letter listing the...

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