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“How To Prepare For Any Emergency” A Guide To Long And Short Term Food Storage With Bonus Guides

Easily prepare for any kind of disaster, don’t take a chance that it won’t happen to you and your family!

For the sixth time in the past seven years, the human race will grow less food than it eats this year.

I don’t want to sound negative hear, but these are facts that just can’t be ignored. My name is Britt Perry and I’d like to share some very important information with you.

We live in a finely balanced situation where world food supply just about meets demand, with no reserve to cover further population growth. Drought, heat and biofuels will continue to erode our food supply, that’s the problem we’re facing today.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, the drought for the last two years has hit us very hard also. Experts are predicting another 3-5% increase in food prices over the next year due to the severe drought.

Have you ever seen what happens to the grocery store shelves when a storm is predicted? The shelves are empty in a matter of days….

Any disturbing news, such as an ice storm, flood, tornado, etc., and shelves are empty in 2 days. This is a different world we live in today.

In the years preceding 1990s, there were 144 natural disasters in the United States. During the next 10 years of the 1990s, there were 72. From 2000 to 20012 we saw some of the worst and most destructive natural disasters in recorded history. Yes, natural disasters have increased dramatically.

According to my research online, here’s what Americans priorities are. Protecting our government computer systems 74%, Protecting our electric power grid, and water utilities 73%. Finally 68% are concerned with homeland security. In short Americans are worried.

Greece at one point in time was living high just like America is today, borrowing money and spending it lavishly. America is 16 Trillion in debt and it’s going to take us down like an anchor. The Greek economy has been in a recession for five years now, and it doesn’t look it will be turning around soon or EVER.

Texas and the South are still reeling from the most recent devastating drought that led to at least $10 billion in agricultural losses in 2011. A mostly dry, mild winter has put nearly 61 per cent of the lower 48 states in “abnormally dry” or drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, a weekly federal tracking of drought. “Conditions are starting to worry us now,” said Keith Eggleston, a climatologist with the Northeast Regional Climate Center in Ithaca, N.Y.

According to the USDA World supply and demand estimates, we’ve had a huge global harvest failure. Let’s just look at gran for example it’s production is down by 5%. When you take into consideration...

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