Learn how to study. Discover study skill techniques to improve your study skills.

In Just a Few Minutes, You Will Have Access to the Ideas and Study Skill Techniques that Have Changed My Life, and Can Change Yours Too!

I have been described as compassionate and sincere, jovial yet serious, intelligent and modest. Professionally, I earn my living as an academic coach, mentor and author. In this book, I draw from my years of own personal experiences to share a well-guarded secret — a secret that will also be yours: How to Study Effortlessly.

I can’t say I was a poor student, but I wasn’t extraordinarily bright either. I was just an average student, until something completely transformed my life.

In this book, I share the details of that experience — what happened, how it happened, and how it changed my life.

You may already have a life-transforming person or influence in your life, but you simply haven’t been taught to recognize its true worth.

This book will give you that insight – how to select a mentor, whom to select, what to expect from him or her, and so much more…

Students today face severe competition in every field. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, opportunities will pass you by.

My book is the solution for students who want to get ahead, take extra miles to learn how to study, and helps young academics to discover the most reliable method of achieving the best results.

This book will not only show you how to study, but also how to shine! Whether you are trying to get a great start in your college career, or give your report card a makeover, these easy steps of study skills will help you sail through assignments and ace tests.

This book has the remarkable ‘push’ needed for you to transform your life! You will learn how to:

This book does not just come packed with tips and study skills – it also contains exercises for students to solve after every chapter, so you can be a hands-on achiever!

Once you have mastered the secret mantra of success that I’ve shared in this book, you can apply it to any area of your life, and obtain the same miraculous results!

This book is not about getting “slightly better results” – it’s about getting TREMENDOUS results!

“Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” Contains Everything You Need to Ace Exams, Write Outstanding Papers, and Improve Your Overall Grades!

If this entire book could be summarized in one word, it would be metamorphosis. The book “Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” is about enacting a change in your mentality, and how this change brings with it an influx of better grades. 

This book, unlike others, does not place undue emphasis on the grades themselves. That is where most teachers and parents go wrong. Instead, the focus should be on developing overall character and mindset. This is the only way to bring about genuine change. This change, in turn, will magically transform your marks.


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