Parents Learn Algebra – in Plain English

Learn to understand Algebra! You may feel intimidated with algebra because you haven't studied it since High School. Do you feel a knot in your stomach with the mention of the word 'Algebra'? Gain the understanding you didn't have before with our easy to read, easy to understand eBook!

Dear Parents, Are YOU down right embarrassed that you can't help your children with Algebra? When your kids ask you for help, is your immediate response is 'Go ask Mom, Dad, your teacher'.

Just because you have been away from math since High School doesn't mean you can't review or learn algebra. You could end up understanding it better than you did then. Do you feel helpless? Do you feel your kids frustration?

After payment, you will be taken to the download page for instructions to get your eBook and worksheets immediately.

If you are like most Parents you wish you could help your kids with math. Have you said the same thing to your children's math teachers?

In my research I read comments from teachers and parents about the need to learn algebra to help guide their children. Are you one of them?

From my own experience, the best way to learn something is to teach it. So I want you to learn algebra (with my help) so you can teach or at least help your children. You and your kids both benefit by learning algebra better.

With this in mind, I have developed a tutorial eBook (over 70 pages) which teaches you, the parent, what you need to know about algebra. I use examples on topics being taught now in school. Step-by-step explanations are given for each step in the solution of the problem. You learn not only to solve problems but gain insight into how to solve other similar problems. No FLUFF and pretty picture Graphics to make the eBook look larger. Only contains explanations and diagrams necessary to explain the examples.

Developed from actual teaching notes. You learn what your children are learning in the classroom. Through step by step explanations, you gain insight into algebra like never before. Written by former math teacher (retired) not a committee from a textbook company. You can communicate with the author for clarification. Adobe PDF formatted file is easy to download. No special software to learn. Chances are you already have Adobe Reader (free) on your computer. Immediately available. Start learning in minutes or tonight. Lots of examples (over 145). Sharpen your skills because you understand 'the why ?' after seeing the question and the solution. Printable. You don't need to be at the computer to learn. Save your eyes. Take the tutorial with you to the den, kitchen, patio. Have the knowledge to Guide your children to better choices in the future. Build Your Confidence. You CAN help your kids.

For the price of $19 (see below), you can get the expertise of a former teacher (retired) to help you understand algebra.

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