So You Have A Great Idea!!

Which steps do you take? Which direction do you go? Which, Which, Which & How, How, How? If you are like I was you have a boat load of questions. You might have already Googled –> Ideas, Patents, Patent Attorney’s, Help for Inventors, Etc. Doing that probably got you a bunch of “stuff”, some that makes sense and some that you have no clue what it means. I was once in your shoes. I was confused, did not trust anyone, afraid I would make the wrong choices, get ripped off, and have my idea stolen. Does that sound familiar?

If you are confident in the road you need to travel, and not worried about road blocks, pot holes, detours, blizzards (well maybe not blizzards, but you get the point) you might be set to continue your journey. If you and your idea are honed in on your final destination, your GPS is set for patent success, then what are you waiting for? GO FOR IT!

You might be thinking that you could learn a lot from this product, but is it really worth the money. Yes, $197 is a lot of money, but it is far cheaper than obtaining the knowledge that is included in The Patent Dilemma, as I did. Just one piece of information that you pull from my journey could be the difference in your spending money that was not worthwhile. Also you might make a better or more informed decision that can turn your idea into the moneymaker you are obviously hoping it will turn into.

As you can tell, I am not a slick talker or a mesmerizing salesman. I am a real person that wants to make money from my idea’s. That is why I started this journey ,that is The Patent Dilemma, years ago. I have invested a lot of money and time, excitement and frustration, determination and persistance, in trying to secure a patent on my idea. So I hope you can benefit from my successes and failures presented in The Patent Dilemma and make knowledgeable and informed decisions on your journey through the patent process.

I spent hundreds of dollars to travel to, stay at a hotel, interview my patent attorney and then produce these videos. Not to mention the time away from work. Just so I can bring you a better understanding of the patent process. It would cost you hundreds of dollars to do the same thing, and most entities would probably not sit down with you for this length of time and answer this many questions. I had planned on charging $97-$197 for these interviews to help offset my costs.

I am giving these to you absolutely free, as an additional guide to improve your Patent Journey.  A SUPER BONUS

I believe they’re worth at least double that if you consider the time you would need to take off work. Plus they could save you thousands of dollars if they educate you in a way that...

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