Spelling Bee Toolbox eBook

If you've been asked to conduct a spelling bee, you may be wondering where in the world you're going to find all the materials you need. Where will you find rules, words, tips? Where will you find someone to answer questions?

Whether you have 10 years' of experience leading a bee or just 10 minutes of panic because you've never done one, we have the solution!

Our Spelling Bee Toolboxes have all the resources you need for a successful spelling bee, including:

Here Spelling-Words-Well, we know that it takes a lot of work to run a great spelling competition. And we know you have lots of other things to do!

One customer writes: Just ordered the toolbox and it's great for the price! Lots of useful stuff in it. J.W., Director of English, Chicago

Each single purchase now allows you reproduce any or all of the 95 pages of words, sentences, worksheets, certificates and more for your ENTIRE SCHOOL BUILDING for just $19.95. If you are organizing a bee for several different schools within the same organization, we have very affordable options for you, too. Please read the details below.

If you're organizing bees for several schools within the same organization, we also have a great deal for you! Instead of purchasing a separate Toolbox for each building, choose one of these cost-saving options:

Multiple Schools in the same system: Grades 3-5 - $32.95 Grades- 6-8 $32.95 BEST VALUE: Order both Spelling Bee Toolboxes for multiple schools and save! Grades 3-5 plus Grades 6-8 - $42.95

You'll place your secure order with a money-back guarantee through ClickBank. After confirming your order, you'll be able to download the pdf eBook using Adobe Acrobat.

Please note: The prices shown here are for the downloadable eBooks. If you require printed copies mailed to you, extra charges apply. Please contact me for more information.

I'm Ann Richmond Fisher, longtime author and owner of Spelling-Words-Well.com and Word-Game-World.com.

As a former classroom teacher and a 20-year-veteran of the educational publishing world, I know the importance of challenging upper grade students. I've written dozens of books of reproducibles and thousands of magazine pages for some of the biggest educational publishers in the business. I think you'll love this book, and my websites!

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