The College Student’s Guide to Writing Kickass, A+ Papers – A Plus College Papers

If you said “um … yeah!” to any of these questions, you want to keep yourself glued to your chair and read every word of what I’m about to tell you…

So do not click over to your Facebook tab. Put down Twitter for a sec. And stop browsing Good Guy Greg memes on Reddit…

Because what I’m about to share with you is going to snag you A‘s on every paper you write … in no time flat!

But before I get to that, I’ll tell you a bit about myself. So you know I’m not BSing you.

I’m Nick, and I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in English. I’m now a successful freelance copywriter who brings in tons of dough for his clients.

Locked in my room every night, writing paper after paper … stressing out while thinking about all my assignment deadlines … and just plain going crazy with all the work I had to do.

Seriously, do college professors think their class is the only one you’re taking? Do they really think you have no social life?

When my professor would hand back my paper, I’d quickly flip it over so none of my classmates could see my grade. I didn’t want the kids who got A‘s to glance over and see the big, fat C scrawled across my paper in red pen. It was super embarrassing.

Halfway through my sophomore year, I was fed up with the crappy grades I was getting on written papers. That’s when I started documenting everything I was doing right when writing papers … and everything I was doing wrong.

This process sucked. It was agonizing. It took me a crapload of time to do … but it was worth it.

By the time junior year rolled around, I was Acing every paper. In fact, I didn’t get anything below an A on a paper during my junior and senior year.

And that’s just a tiny amount of college papers I wrote that have a big, fat A slapped across them.

It’s funny, because after awhile, I didn’t even need to look at my paper when my prof gave it back — I already knew I got an A. (That’s a true story. I’m not just trying to sound like a cocky douche, haha.)

So instead of flipping my paper over when my prof gave it back to me, I’d let it sit on my desk  for everyone to see the juicy A at the top.

I was writing all these A+ papers while still having time to hangout with my friends, spend time with my girlfriend, and play video games!

Writing college papers became the easiest thing in the world. I could write awesome papers in no time flat.

When my classmates talked about staying up until 3 a.m. and struggling to finish their papers, I could only...

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