The Online Guided Learning Formula

MyStudy Muse is an Online Guided Learning Formula which teaches students how to study more effectively.

Whether you are a concerned parent or a current student, you have probably realised that the ability to study effectively is what distinguishes a successful student from one who is yet to be successful. Unfortunately, many students are so trapped learning content, they forget to learn (or were never taught) how to study.

However learning how to learn is vital to academic success. In fact, homework, assignments and exam preparation may become overwhelming without the right tools. Therefore, students need strategies and a mindset which makes learning easier.

Many students want to achieve higher grades, but they do not possess the courage, confidence, or creativity to study successfully on their own.

You could hire a private tutor; but at what cost? $50, $70, $100 per hour? And that’s for just one subject!

MyStudy Muse contains over 21 hours of MP3 audio sessions which are emailed, on a daily basis direct to the student. This is less than $3 per session!

“Our aim is to offer support while students develop the skills and strategies to make learning simpler. These skills can help a student become the author of their own life, rather than being a character in someone else’s.”

MyStudy Muse is based on ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) research which recognises the needs of learners in the 21st century. Needs such as:

Literacy Numeracy Critical and Creative Thinking Personal and Social capability Ethical Behaviour and Intercultural Understanding Information and Communication Technology Capacity

What do you think of when you hear the word Muse? Perhaps you think of a Muse from Ancient Greece, a mythical being who inspired the creation of music and stories. Or, you may remember that the word muse refers to thinking or contemplating. The aim of MyStudy Muse is to inspire a creative and thoughtful approach to study.

Of course, effective study involves more than simply thinking about study, it involves focused awareness and targeted action. This is what the student will learn over the 4 weeks; how to study in a focused and efficient manner.

Week 1 – We encourage you to increase your understanding of yourself as a learner. We also discuss the setting of learning targets. Week 2 – You explore different learning styles and learn how to increase your learning flexibility. Week 3 – Your learning confidence will grow as you discover memory boosting techniques. Week 4 – You will embark upon a creative journey that will show you how to be the author of your study experience. This is the time to commit to the mindset of a successful learner.

That’s over 21 hours of study techniques, musings and learning methods… all in one great package!

The Guided Musing is a relaxation exercise which encourages your brain to focus on the learning which is about to take place. It is like a mental warm up; the Guided Musing informs your brain that it is time...

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