Overcoming fear of public speaking

1. Fast, you’ll be speaking comfortably and confidently in only 21 days 2. Inexpensive, only $ 38.99 USD for the complete training programme 3. Discrete, you’ll overcome your fear in the comfort of your own environment 4. Effective, you will overcome your personal fears 5. Supportive, 21-day daily support with a personal training programme 6. But most of all, it will rid you of your fear of public speaking permanently!

Dear Friend, my name is Benjamin van Spijck. For as long as I can remember, I have been tormented by a fear of speaking in public. But not anymore. I’ve overcome my fear and can now speak comfortably and confidently, even in groups. Now I’m going to share with you how I did it. And how you, too, can overcome your fear of public speaking.

Just imagine how it would feel to be able to speak comfortably and confidently in public and be able to give powerful presentations and great speeches. Don’t waste another day suffering from terrifying stress, nervousness or fear of blushing.

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Just imagine what you could do with your newly acquired freedom. Just imagine what it would mean for your job if you could stand in front of your team with confidence. Or convince management during a meeting without any anxiety. Or enthusiastically convince a client of your solution. Imagine the joy you’ll feel in talking to your guests during a dinner party or toasting the bride and groom at your best friend’s wedding with humour and heartfelt emotion.That freedom is within reach.

You no longer have to give in to your fear of public speaking. You no longer have to limit yourself. I have learned to understand this type of fear and have developed an approach that has allowed me to fully overcome my fear of public speaking. This approach is now available to you as part of a unique and personal 21-day programme.

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if you, too, could speak comfortably and confidently in public? If you could calmly explain your point of view without apprehension? Present your ideas during meetings at work without any fear? Never again be afraid of rounds of introduction. And never again have to avoid situations in which you have to speak in front of others.

My method consists of a 21-day programme that provides you with insight into the patterns underlying your fear of public speaking. It helps you overcome this fear – permanently – in only 21 days, with exercises that are fun to do. Your personal training programme is based on a unique combination of relaxation exercises, psychotherapy...

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