Practice To Improve Your Memory

An improved memory is very essential if we want to get more out of our lives. If you have a very sharp memory you can pass all exams with flying grades and be at the top of your class. If you are working, you can memorize your whole sales report, present it before the company executives, and expect a promotion and a salary raise. Or if you are in grave danger, you can always call 911, which is very easy to remember so far. But how can we improve our memory and stay focus in living our lives?

Most people have learned different techniques in improving memory that are quite effective, such as imaging pictures and associating them, creating clear or humorous images, transforming numbers to picture words relating items in a long series to creates a roster and matching items with peg words to recall numbered lists. These are the most common techniques that you can learn from numerous memory guides and internet websites, though there are some variations in terms and procedures, the basic ideas are very similar.

There is a big possibility that even though you have a certain memory application in mind that cannot be retained using these techniques such as recalling chemical equations for lab. To aid you with this, you can use some tips and techniques in improving your memory. There are techniques that focus on a specific application. There is no such thing as a magic formula in order to recall something. The secret is to simply take note of the techniques and data you have already learned and use them in retaining memory.

When you have learned specific techniques, you can apply them to your everyday life right away to help you recall things better, however if you are really serious about improving your brains ability to imprint data in a higher level, maybe you should study more about memory.

But the best method you can do is to practice the piece of material over and over again until you can learn it by heart. You should practice memorization things every day. As an example, if your friend taught you how to drive a car, and you are studying the car manual and you know very well everything there is that you can learn about driving a car, this doesnt mean that you can drive the car right away and head to the busy road. Of course you already know what you need to do but you have to practice what have you learned.

In the same case, you should keep rehearsing your employed memory techniques. Probably you may still be taking some hard time to image words for objects and you havent learned yet what images can work best for you than your friends.

Look around you to find objects that you can recall, such as your friends contact number, your favorite guacamole salad recipe, the addresses of your classmates, the vocabulary words in your Spanish class, the few scientific names of birds you have always wanted to know, your credit card number etc. You should definitely go for it!

If you find it difficult, never give up. Just remember that if you keep your attention on something, there is one way or another of achieving it.

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