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Have you ever been reading and arrived at the bottom of the page with zero recollection of anything you just read?

Or have you ever gone to the store for one simple item, and only after arriving home with a shopping bag full of extras, you realize you had forgotten the one item that initially drove you to the store in the first place?

There is one simple answer to this. Your mind is an incredible machine, which is capable of intricate calculations with limitless potential; However, to take advantage of your hidden talents, you must first learn to learn.

How can someone remember 70,000 digits of pi, or read through an entire book in a matter of minutes with near perfect comprehension, and you can’t even remember what happened in the 100 words you read 30 seconds before? The only difference is that they taught their brain to learn; To organize information properly so that it can stored and retrieved in an instant.

The best part is, you can learn this. You can train your mind to work at the same high levels as these “super-powered” mind masters.

QuickEye Speed Reading Software has been designed not only to increase your reading speed many times over, but to put you in control of your mind. Reading faster is just one of the life changing skills you will learn. Memory techniques, learning strategies, study skills, motivation, goal setting, are just a few of the topics covered in your training . All facets of learning are covered in 14 Powerful Lessons. We’ve also built in 45 Dynamic Exercises that makes training your mind easier than it has ever been.

Our easy to install and even easier to use software guides you through the learning process and provides a step by step method to teach you the most current mind techniques in the most effective way possible. These are the same techniques that we used in training our own minds. Put simply, they work. We have a guarantee to prove it.

Speed Reading involves a lot more than simply moving your eyes more quickly over the words. While you can do that to “read” at a much quicker rate, your comprehension will be next to nothing, so it doesn’t even really count. When you learn the right techniques, you can increase your reading rate significantly while maintaining your usual level of comprehension, although we have found that at faster rates, your comprehension actually tends to improves.

In your software, you will find all the different ways you can train your eyes and your mind to read faster and work more effectively. All of the speed reading techniques, including the ones that are not listed below, are covered in much greater detail within the software. These are the main methods to increase your reading speed immediately.

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