College Study Skills

Find out how the kid who can't spell and has a learning disability graduated college with high honors and became a nurse.

In high school, I struggled in social studies, writing and math. I finally gave up studying-what was the point- and just barely graduated.

My High School guidance counselor told me that College may not be right for you. Unfortunately, I took his advice. After high school, I worked about every kind of crappy job out there. Then, I decided to go to college to become a computer programmer/analyst.

Many years later I went back to school and became a nurse. I have excelled in all my nursing classes, passed my NCLEX and now work as an RN. Although I developed my study skills while working on my computer science degree I did not see a reason to share them until my anatomy and physiology class. I saw a beautiful, intelligent student crying in the back of class after she failed a test. I found out she was a single mother working part time and going to school to get a better job to provide a better life for her children. I took the time to form a study group with her and teach her my college study skills. She brought her grades up and passed the course with a B and went on to become an elementary school teacher. Now I want to share my methods with everybody.

A free, five day, test taking skills, mini-course. Lesson One: Note Taking During The Test Lesson Two: Parts of a Multiple Choice Question. Lesson Three: Approaching a Multiple Choice Test. Lesson Four: Answer Elimination. Lesson Five: Short Answer and Essay Questions.

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