Studying Techniques Tips To Ace Your Exams

Teachers know that lazy students often excel in exams and hard-working students fail. It's totally unfair. Why does it happen? The good news is that you can join those who would rather be out on a date than studying and still ace your exams.

Let me give you a simple quiz. An expert carpenter is best at carpentry. An expert plumber is best at plumbing. An expert chef is best at cooking. So which of the following would be best at passing exams?

If you didn't guess number 2, tips'study is probably too late to rescue you. You probably still believe the old fable that people who know most about the topic pass exams.

My brother is an artistic genius, and I'm hopeless. I still beat him in the art exams, because I cynically set out to beat the examiner, not to produce good art.

My teachers asked me some very suspicious questions when I learned the first technique because they thought there must be some new way of cheating. That boosted my confidence so much that I prepared to crush the examiner in every exam. When the exams came around I was confident and eager for battle. It was almost an anticlimax when the pass marks started to roll in. I knew beforehand that I would pass them all.

Studying on selected topics is still necessary, but my book shows you how to select the topics and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Just one example - I was taking physics, chemistry and biology exams and the subject of osmosis came up almost every year. I studied everything in the library about osmosis, learning facts that the teachers didn't know, and the question came up in all three exams.

Your studying at school or college should not be a case of reading everything that the lecturers advise you to read. If you are told to study "War and Peace" my book will show you an easier way that will get you better results in the exams.

OK, if the teacher found out he would label you a study cheat, but my favorite tips'study is to concentrate studying on about a quarter of the topics in your course. That means you can become an expert in these few topics, and dazzle the examiner with your knowledge of facts he has never come across.

My advice is not to cheat on IQ tests because if you get into a stream of students with IQs that are 20 points higher than your own, you will feel very inferior. At least you will until my school practice tests advice puts you ahead of the geniuses.

You see IQ tests need multiple choice techniques. Guess what - there is a whole chapter in my book about how to beat multiple choice tests.

And the killer benefit is that psychologists have discovered that your IQ goes up when you start to be successful. What can be more successful than beating the geniuses in...

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