The Delta Course – Online GMAT Preparation

"The material is terrific! It's material that [other test prep companies] have failed to deliver -- more emphasis on probability, statistics, permutations, and combinations." David P.

Bonus #1: Advanced Algebra Study Guide Why do you need this study guide? One of our students recently informed us that he encountered an advanced algebra question on the GMAT. This study guide will help you master this topic so that you are prepared for these questions on test day. Bonus #2: GMAT Mental Strategies Are you paralyzed by test anxiety? This guide contains strategies you can use to conquer your GMAT anxiety. Find out about 3 simple exercises you can perform on test day to reduce stress and improve focus. Bonus #3: 179 extra practice questions We'll also include this extra set of challenging GMAT practice questions, including: motion problems, work problems, interest problems, mixture problems, geometry problems, inequality problems, data sufficiency problems, and much more.

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