The SAD TRUTH About ACT Test Prep

Yes, the truth is that regardless if they cost $1500 or $60, they are all very similar. They teach some basic strategy, they reinforce some skills, and they provide some basic education... Sure, some may have you working with a tutor, some may have you simply reading a book, and others may have you taking practice test after practice test. But, in the end, I have found they all produce a very similar result.

As a teacher and a mother, this was just unacceptable to me. To see all these students investing their time (and their parents investing their money) into something that had almost NO BENEFIT really made me angry! Especially when I saw the outrageous claims being made by many of the ACT prep peddlers.

The list of claims can go on and on... It is really outrageous! These ACT test prep companies are making claims they cannot back up. I have been a witness to this for 30+ years. But, do you know what the really interesting thing is?

This was mind boggling to me. The information in these ACT courses was good, the ACT tutors were well informed and educated, and even the books contained (the same) good information. Yes, all the courses were the same... But they were all good. So why didn't they have any effect? Why didn't they improve ACT scores? Why didn't the ACT prep work!?

I decided to learn everything I could about the students who did stand-out when it came to ACT performance. The students who, regardless of test prep, regardless of GPA, regardless of academic interest, did exceedingly well on their ACT... I couldn't believe what I was quickly uncovering. I was stunned!

As I had already known, it wasn't test prep that was helping the top performers score high on the ACT...

I have to admit, I had no idea that their lifestyle could play such an important role. But the more cases I studied, the more obvious it became. What they ATE in the days before (and the morning of) the test had more to do with their success than if they spent an extra five hours in their ACT test prep guide!

Of course I knew it was important to eat healthy to keep your mind sharp. But I honestly had no clue that it could have such a dramatic impact... And, it doesn't end there! It became very clear that EVERYTHING played a role in ACT success. Not just good studying and healthy eating. Even a student's clothing and morning shower play an important role!! I was absolutely amazed at both how obvious it was (when studied), and how much impact it had on ACT score.

So, I went to work. I started to compile the information and began creating what I firmly, sincerely believe to be the end-all-be-all SECRET TO ACT SUCCESS.

I used my years of teaching experience and my extensive exposure to ACT test prep courses to create...

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