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Mental Workout Valued MemberIn order to access the members' area, you will first need to register. You can do so by clicking on following link: free registration. If you are not able to register, please read the CAN'T REGISTER section below.

You too can become a valued member!

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In case you are not aware, membership is totally and unconditionally free. So feel free to register and be on your way to amaze your friends, your work colleagues with your new found mental arithmetic prowess.

And if you are wanting to become a member so you can keep your mind active, then join us!


Can't Register?

If you are having problems registering, please send us an email to that effect using our contact form.

Our web site has been targeted by spammers who have been using a script to register non-existing members using harvested real email addresses.

As a result, we have added security features to our site to stop such ghost members which means that, on some occasions, valid registration applications may get blocked as well.

If you feel that your registration is blocked, then it may be for that reason.  Contact us and we will help you get registered.


Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and as such will not share, give away, sell, ... your registration details. We never have and we will never will!




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